RoAn Gibson Music

Hey World

My name is RoAn

I'm an artist, audio engineer, and musician

in San Francisco  

This year I'm going to be cranking out self recorded music

Check it out on Sound Cloud! 


            I released my first EP in 2017. Getting Loopy explored themes of love                     and frustration while confined to an accurate studio recreation of my live       looping, band set. It was recorded with the help of Garrett Peters in the       Sunset District of California 


Yo. Tunes.

Live Video of "Heaven, Or.." Written and performed by San Francisco songwriter, RoAn Gibson. Video and editing by Jackson Lowery Audio Engineering by Andrew "RoAn" Gibson Preformed and released Jan 2017. Guitar: Gretsch Electromatic Amp: Fender Concert (Mid-80's Model) Mic: AKG C414's
The world and RoAn Gibson are Getting Loopy here with the Golden Gate Bridge at the Battery Crosby in San Francisco with a reminder to enjoy the day even if the world is burning down around us all. This version of Popsickles is performed live on a Godin Multiac and Boss RC-300 Loop Station with stereo inputs into a Apogee Duet Interface.

About Me 

I'd truly prefer to be a spectacle. Or some sort of nymph popping up on you charismatically in a secluded region. But I'm a human and I get tired, so I created a RoAn to be who I can not. My hope is that he gets ever bolder, and through music, shares a string of ease and calm through the insanity scheme we're all surrounded by. 

RoAn Gibson is a pseudonym for my solo work and my artistic pursuits as a San Francisco/Bay Area audio engineer, songwriter, music teacher and musician. I like traveling through psychedelic indie spaces and a confluence of styles and I like to think that my music tows a line through loopy rhythms, soaring rhymes, "jazz chords" and intricate songwriting in a search to create a feeling of ease, release, and playful tension in people. I like to think a lot of thing.

I debuted my first release, Getting Loopy, in Feb. 2017, jumping head first into the San Francisco music scene. The 5-song EP is meant to showcase the live looping set I crafted on my trusty Boss RC-300 at my home studio in the quite Outer Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco. Recorded almost entirely in the bedroom of sound engineer Garret Peters, Getting Loopy is a deeply personal album full of repetitive meditations on the heartbreaking, difficult, and personal muck of this beautiful reality which we can all choose to blissfully share.

In the later half of 2017 and 2018 I dove into performance and audio engineering, assembling a home studio, joining a number of bands and working on a 12 songs in 12 months goal for releasing music. You can find me on the hustle playing bass for The Soonest, Sweet Lew and the Sweet and Lows, and Saint Solitude. Or, guitar in Jerry's Timeshare.